In industrial marketing, email marketing is one of the most important channels to monitor and care for leads. It is therefore convenient to identify the reasons why no one is reading your emails.

It’s time to rethink your email marketing tactics if you aren’t getting the results you want. Here are some mistakes that you might be making with your industrial marketing emails.

Your subject line is boring

It should be concise and clear. Many contacts only read the subject line before deciding whether or not to open your email.

You’re not doing it right if the subject line seems generic, long, or carries something wrong. Your email must be worth the time of your contacts.

You talk too much about your own life

Your email recipients are not interested in reading a slogan that promotes your business or hearing you boast about its achievements.

Your contacts should be aware of the latest news about your company, but your email should demonstrate what you can do for them and how your message can benefit them.

Sending useful content will increase your chances of getting the attention of your contacts.

Sending emails too frequently

Emails design

Our starting point is that your contacts have given their consent to receive emails. They have done so of their own accord, and not just to receive notifications.

Create a segmented shipping strategy so that users receive the information they want at the time you need it.

Stay up-to-date and creative

People won’t read your emails if you don’t offer anything new or interesting. Stay up-to-date and creative when submitting information.

You can keep your readers informed if you are aware of the latest trends in your industry. But you have to be on time. Fresh content can lead to new conversations.

Your messages are too lengthy

It is better to not send an email if the text or the screen is too crowded with banners and information. They will throw it in the garbage.

Prepare a message between 200-250 words maximum and provide clear and concise information, while still maintaining the personality and style of your business.

You may not appear professional, and this can create distrust

Shipping is when you ask yourself, “Would I trust this company?” If it looks professional, then it’s shipping.

It may be time to have your communication department write emails or templates for your sellers to use to maintain your brand’s identity and editorial line.

Mobile-friendly emails

It is important to have a powerful copy, but this should be accompanied by a professional and easy-to-read appearance. Emails should have a clean, modern format to make them easy to read.

Make sure that your emails are mobile-friendly. This will engage your readers wherever and whenever they are browsing through their email inboxes.

Your contact list has not been updated

Email Marketing

Consider the date that your contact list was last updated, and whether or not the data is correct.

Email marketing can also be used to increase your contact list, by adding new customers and implementing smart SEO and PPC campaigns. You can increase traffic to your website by using different digital media.

You use a fad slang

Contacts won’t read your emails if they contain confusing jargon. Your sentences should all have a purpose and be useful for your readers.

Avoid words like “free”, ‘sale’, ‘guaranteed’ etc. in your subject line. You will appear to be sending meaningless emails.

Your email has been marked as spam

You may find yourself using the words “free”, “cash”, or “sale” a lot. Your readers might not see your emails in their inboxes, but instead, they may end up in the spam folder.

Put together a clean, attractive affair that doesn’t look like you are at a flea market.

Email marketing is a vital tool for promoting your company and engaging with your contacts. Emails can be a disaster if you get it wrong. They will drive customers away, making your efforts ineffective.

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