When thinking about hair color products, the first thing that usually pops into our minds is hair dyes. However, to maintain healthy-looking, dyed hair, you need much more: toners, conditioners, masks, etc. In this article, we look into this more deeply and present you with the full list of hair color products that you need to take proper care of your precious hair. Interested? Read on!

Diving into the World of Hair Color Products

So, what hair color products are there, and how do they help you maintain a fresh, healthy look? Take a look at our list:

  • Conditioner – This one is pretty obvious, but we must mention it. A conditioner for colored hair is an important product. It helps you keep your color fresh for longer and your hair healthy.
  • Hair color – We mustn’t forget the hair colors. They are divided into professional ones (prepared by the colorists at hair salons) and box dyes (more universal, available at drug stores). But, to add to that, there are actually three types of hair colors: permanent, semi-permanent, and demi-permanent. The last two wash off after a certain number of shampoos, with semi-permanent needing about 20-30 washes and demi-permanent only 7-8.
  • Hair mask – Similar to conditioners, hair masks care for your hair color and health. However, they are mostly focused on the former. Their main role is to refresh your hair color, so they are excellent when you need slight touch-ups.
  • Hair toner – Some qualify it even as a semi- or demi-permanent hair dye. A hair toner is a color product that helps you counter unwanted undertones. To do so, they are in special colors, like purple, blue, or green, and you need to choose the right one for your hair: in this case, light blonde, dark blonde, and brown/red, respectively.
  • Hair sprays – Among hair color products, you may also find hair sprays. These usually help prevent your color fading or protect your colored hair from heat that would damage it.

Do You Need All These Hair Color Products?

Seeing how long this list is, you might have one question in mind: do I need all these hair color products? The answer is: it depends.

The best way to find out is to ask your hair colorist. They will know what condition your hair is in and advise you on the best products for your care routine.

A hair colorist won’t only tell you what products you need but also what to look for in their formulas. They might also give you tips on the brands offering the best care products or even suggest some particular conditioners or shampoos. With their extensive knowledge on the topic, you will be able to pick the best treatment and maintain a healthy look of your hair.

The Takeaway

So, what hair color products are there? Not only dyes but also conditioners, toners, masks, or sprays. There are many ways to maintain a fresh-looking color and improve your hair’s condition, so there’s no time for excuses: take your hair care into your hands!


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