In this article we have listed the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon that provide world-class education for their students. These institutions help them reach their academic potential in a nurturing environment while offering extracurricular activities to foster creativity and independence.

Based on parents’ reviews, infrastructure, curriculum, student child ratio, extracurricular activities etc, we have prepared a list of top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon.

Pragyanam School

Pragyanam School is an experimental school designed to develop children’s learning abilities. It offers various facilities such as lab facilities, indoor & outdoor sports facilities, dance, yoga etc for its students’ convenience and to build healthy minds and bodies for them so that learning comes easily.

Pragyanam School for K-12 education was established by IIT-IIM alumni affiliated with an aim of creating an exceptional education system within India.

Curriculum at their school is founded upon the idea that a life-skills-based approach to learning will help their students be decisive, emotionally balanced and lead fulfilling lives. Co-curricular activities also play an integral part of student development – including skating, basketball and swimming among many other options!

Amity International           

The school boasts an outstanding infrastructure with 215 state-of-the-art classrooms, an air-conditioned auditorium, library with books and journals, sick bay facilities, clay modeling room and art rooms as well as cafeteria offering delicious food and offering secure hostel facilities for both boys and girls.

Campus facilities are very spacious, providing students with plenty of sports facilities that foster development of discipline, self-confidence, and team spirit. Students are actively encouraged to participate in athletic activities as it helps build discipline, self-assurance, and team spirit.

Students leave Amity with strong academic foundations and the motivation to make a positive contribution in the world. Amity also provides services that assist parents with staying involved with their children’s education. Families seeking high-quality private schools will find Amity an ideal option; its highly qualified and experienced faculty use creative pedagogies in junior classes.

Lotus Valley School

Lotus Valley International School in Greater Noida West (Noida Ext) provides a range of academic and co-curricular activities, all founded upon “The Natural Way”. Each student is seen as an individual, each with unique learning preferences and abilities.

The campus of this school was carefully planned with state-of-the-art facilities in mind, featuring child-friendly concepts like rubberized protective flooring and round furniture in interior spaces that cater for them. Classrooms are designed with optimal day lighting and ventilation in mind and silent generators ensure constant power supply. Furthermore, indoor and outdoor sports facilities are offered and encourage students to participate in national/international competitions while Yoga, Pranayam, and Meditation lessons are taught as tools for managing stress among pupils.

Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School in Khewra Sonepat (NCR Delhi), offering English as its medium of instruction is affiliated with CBSE and offers education from Nursery through 12th Grade within air-conditioned classrooms. Recognized for excellence by various publications, Delhi Public School boasts trained and qualified teachers staffed with trained and qualified teaching staff.

The School has created an outstanding learning culture which empowers its students to realize their fullest potential through quality interactions, direction, and assessment. Its educational pedagogy is forward thinking and experiment-based; children can participate in creative activities such as solving mathematical riddles and using math models outside of textbooks. Furthermore, modern infrastructure such as well-stocked libraries are provided, along with digitally focused ICT Labs as well as composite Science/EVS labs ensuring all learning needs are covered effectively.

Scottish High

Scottish High is one of Gurugram’s premier schools with an outstanding record in producing national and international champions across multiple fields. Offering exceptional facilities, faculty expertise and training programs to develop its students for excellence is central to its mission.

Building Personalities, Not just People” is its unique motto and represents its focus on holistic development of Mind, Body, and Spirit to equip students for leadership roles in today’s world. They take an interdisciplinary approach to education with emphasis placed upon questioning and understanding to foster independent thought in its students.

Our school offers well-equipped classrooms and activity rooms furnished with colourful furniture to inspire the joy of learning. In addition, the integrated department for special needs students includes Sensory Integration Therapy Room, Speech & Language Therapist Room and an Occupational Therapist Room; parents are an integral part of their child’s experience and receive regular updates regarding his/her progress.

Shiv Nadar Shri Ram School

This school boasts world-class instruction and immersive pedagogy with a strong emphasis on technology, encouraging its students to pursue values-based endeavors while its campus fosters creativity and an attitude of inquiry.

Curriculum at this school encourages optimism, self-assurance, enthusiasm, a concern for justice and an idealistic spirit that leads to growth. They also offer facilities such as sports courts, auditoriums and libraries for physical development.

This school stands as a leading provider of exceptional education, offering an innovative curriculum designed to create future-ready graduates. Their unique approach to learning is supported by first-rate facilities and stringent security protocols; graduates go on to make an impactful difference in business, government and civil society – often as leaders themselves! As part of Shiv Nadar foundation they also provide an international educational experience from preschool up until school-leaving certification is received.

DAV Public School

The DAV Public School is an institution that seamlessly blends modern technology, morals and Indian heritage. Students at this school are nurtured to develop their personalities while learning to become good citizens who contribute positively to society – many DAV graduates have gone on to become Nobel laureates, Prime Ministers, scientists, film actors, sportspeople or defence personnel!

DAVCMC runs over 780 educational institutions, such as aided schools, grants-in-aid colleges and institutes of professional education. Furthermore, this society engages in social service projects.

DAV Public School hosts many co-curricular activities for its students, such as elocution, poetry recitation, jam sessions, G.K quizzes, art and craft shows and drama productions. These activities allow the children to overcome any stage fright they might have and gain confidence while simultaneously building creativity, imagination and teamwork skills.


Pathways provides high-quality expanded learning opportunities that pair academic and career-related courses with relevant experiences outside the classroom. Students engage in curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities like job shadowing, mentoring relationships, field trips, career-related clubs, skills competitions and community service projects. These activities promote student leadership and enable students to develop Career and Life Readiness while aligning the pathway program with labor market needs and income generating opportunities for family support. Pathway programs provide alternative assessments in areas like arts, civics, Career and Technical Education (CTE), career development and occupational studies, math, science, technology engineering mathematics (STEM), world languages to meet graduation requirements. Students selecting this assessment option must pass four required Regents exams or alternative examination options approved by New York State Education Department as well as three part technical assessments before taking their graduation exams.

World School

World School is an innovative school designed for digital nomad families traveling and living nomad lifestyles. Combining aspects of homeschooling and unschooling philosophies, World School travels around to different locations teaching its students through exploration, curiosity and self-directed learning.

The school offers large classrooms designed to allow kids to exercise their imaginations freely. Furthermore, teachers can engage with individual students in order to give individual attention. Students also benefit from a well-stocked library as well as access to science labs and computer labs.

Apart from these facilities, our campus is exquisitely manicured and Wi-Fi enabled, featuring sports fields, high-tech labs, residential accommodations designed with care, an infirmary equipped with medical staff as well as dedicated faculty that strives to help all students realize their full potential.

Gems International

GEMs General Secretariat is an exclusive team that oversees and supports the consortium’s credit risk methodology in close collaboration with member institutions’ delegates, while also providing assistance when questions arise regarding output statistics or internal reports for GEMs.

GEMS International School Cairo in New Cairo was one of the first purpose-built Early Years, Primary, and Middle Schools within GEMS Education family to focus exclusively on Early Years learning, Primary education and Middle school students. This high tech and ecological conscious school adheres to GEMS values like Always Learning, Care Excellence and One Team as it guides its daily operations.

At our school, our students can benefit from a wide variety of facilities and sports that cater specifically to them. These include an indoor sports hall, dance studio and multiple tennis, basketball, and netball courts as well as specialist PE teachers providing full curriculums across all students.


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