Keeping your car running well requires regular maintenance. Oil changes are essential, as are tune-ups, and changing other parts such as brake pads as needed. Keeping your car clean is also a good idea.

Impurities in an internal combustion engine cause problems that can reduce performance, lower fuel efficiency, and damage the engine. That is the purpose of filters. Your car has a fuel filter to take dirt out of gasoline, and an oil filter to clean the oil as it circulates. Another filter that plays a bigger role in performance than you might think is your air filter. This vital part requires regular changing and fortunately, it’s easy to do.

The Air Filter’s Job

If you’ve just picked up a car such as a new Lincoln for sale, you should understand the role of the air filter. Engines need air to burn fuel and cause the small explosions that move the pistons and power the car. There is dust, dirt, and all kinds of other contaminants in the air. The air filter catches this filth and keeps it out of the engine.

Over time, the filter becomes dirty and can no longer do its job properly. It would be like trying to breathe through a dirty mask. Your owner’s manual will tell you how often to change the air filter.

Locate the Air Filter

The first thing you need to do is to locate the air filter. Open the hood and look for a large, plastic box on the top or the side of the engine. Most of them are black, and they all have a hose coming out of one side. This is the housing that holds the air filter.

Open the Housing

The air filter housing will be held closed with clamps, clips, or wing nuts. Using the right tool, open up the housing to access the air filter. Take out the old filter, make a note of how it is installed, and then throw it away. Now, using a clean rag, clean any grease, dirt, or debris from the housing. Make sure you wipe it up well.

Put in the New Filter

Place the new filter into the housing, the same way the old one was placed. There will be a rubber rim on it. Make sure the rim is facing up. Check to see that the filter is seated properly and securely in place.

Close Up the Housing

Now, close up the housing, putting back the clips, clamps, wing nuts, or whatever held it in place. Make sure it is closed securely. Nice work. You are done. Close the hood and drive.

Performance Boost

An engine requires the right mix of fuel and air for optimum performance. Your new air filter will ensure that the right amount of clean air is always available. This will boost horsepower and performance as well as improve fuel efficiency and save you money. It will also help protect your engine by keeping it clean. You can avoid costly repairs and your car will last longer.


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