The allure of Rhodes is undeniable. With its sun-drenched beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture, it’s a destination that beckons travelers from all corners of the world. As a family man, my primary concern was finding a place that catered not just to my needs but also to those of my wife and two kids. Our search for the perfect Rhodes resort led us to a gem that promised a blend of luxury, authenticity, and family-friendly amenities.

Discovering the Perfect Rhodes Resort

From the moment we set foot in this resort, it was evident that we were in for a treat. The resort’s commitment to local culture, wellness, and privacy was palpable. The design was inspired by nature, with the nearby Valley of the Butterflies serving as a muse. This connection to nature was not just aesthetic; it was deeply ingrained in the resort’s ethos. The idea of metamorphosis, as symbolized by the delicate butterflies, resonated with us. After all, vacations are about transformation – a break from the mundane, a chance to rejuvenate, and an opportunity to emerge with a renewed sense of purpose.

 Culinary Delights and Family-Friendly Amenities

The dining experience was nothing short of spectacular. As a family that enjoys exploring diverse cuisines, we were spoilt for choice. From the tantalizing Greek flavors at Estia Main Restaurant to the exotic Asian dishes at Niku, every meal was a culinary journey. And for those sweet cravings, the Dreams ‘n’ Creams Gelateria was a hit with the kids.

But what truly set this resort apart as one of the top Rhodes resorts for families was its array of activities tailored for the young ones. The Kids Club was a treasure trove of fun and learning. From nature-based games to pizza cooking labs and local craft workshops, our kids had a blast. It was heartening to see them engage in activities that were not just entertaining but also enriched their understanding of the local culture.

For my wife and me, the Calli Spa was the highlight. The promise of a restorative pause was delivered in spades. The sound of the waves, combined with the skilled hands of the masseuse, melted away the stresses of daily life. The spa’s commitment to privacy and comfort was evident in the thoughtful amenities provided, from spa robes to separate facilities for men and women.


Our mornings often began with yoga sessions at the outdoor Spa pavilion. The sacred Tibetan melodies that played in the background added a spiritual dimension to the physical exercise, ensuring that both body and mind were catered to.

A two-day Detour to Fethiye

In between the relaxation and the activities, we took the time to explore Rhodes – the Island of the Sun. The Rhodes Resort’s location proved to be an excellent base for our excursions. The rich history, the vibrant markets, and the stunning beaches provided a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.


During our Rhodes vacation, we took a two-day detour to Fethiye, Turkey. The short ferry ride heightened our excitement, especially for the kids. On our first day, we delved into Fethiye’s history, visiting the Lycian rock tombs and immersing ourselves in the local market’s vibrant atmosphere. That evening, we enjoyed traditional Turkish dishes by the harbor. Day two was reserved for nature. We relaxed at the Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon and took a memorable boat trip to the Butterfly Valley. This brief Turkish escapade beautifully complemented our Rhodes experience.

Our family trip to Rhodes was made unforgettable by our stay at this resort. It wasn’t just the luxury or the amenities; it was the resort’s commitment to providing an authentic, transformative experience. For families looking for the perfect blend of luxury, culture, and fun, this is one of the best Rhodes resorts to consider.


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