If you’ve never heard of the International Log Builders’ Association or ILBA, that’s okay, it’s not a common consumer term. However, for those who are interested in or have bought a log cabin of any type through a professional provider or builder, you can thank the ILBA for the standards applied in producing a high-quality structural product.

Roots in Northern American Canada

The ILBA was first established in 1974 in Canada. Its goal at the time was to establish and improve the building standards for remote and rural cabin buildings in the country. Ultimately, the ILBA expanded to an international operation presence, and it has become the premier institution for pushing up quality, advocating for the log builder industry, and focusing on education of the industry’s product both for industrial and consumer clients. In 2000 the organization modified its structure to be a combination of international industry interests, changing from the American/Canadian Log Builders’ Association to the International Log Builders’ Association instead. That expansion is now represented in at least 20 different countries around the world with 165 business members involved and dedicated to ILBA standards.

Heavy Emphasis on Log Building Education

A good amount of today’s effort of the ILBA goes into education and supporting building or timber research, and helping people understand more about how the industry operates, who regulates its standards, and how legal issues affect log cabin building, developments, and crafting certifications. The ILBA also supports industry growth through scholarships and educational support for new tradespeople and entrepreneurs thinking about starting up in the log-building industry and market.

The ILBA also puts notable effort into industry ethics and membership regulations that guide the industry on the behaviour and treatment of customers. By raising the bar for the entire industry the goal is to produce a higher quality product from all of its members versus from cabin builders who are non-members. This ends up being a win-win for both members and their customers.

Helping Customers Find Quality Builders

Another benefit of the ILBA comes in its ability to help customers who know nothing about log cabin construction but are interested in getting started find the right type of builder or kit provider in their area. This reference helps avoid problems with questionable building practices and gives customers a better peace of mind that they are working with a quality industry player instead.


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