Reliable handymen and women are often very hard to come by. One needs to conduct proper research before deciding on one. This is especially relevant for locksmiths around the Bronx area. Those living or owning any sort of property there know that it can suffer from break – ins all too often. The following article will help Bronx residents find a locksmith who can be trusted.

Stay Local

If you live in the Bronx area or own a business there, you will want to call a Bronx locksmith. Not only will they be available to arrive quickly and by your schedule, but they will also be more reliable. By directly contacting a local Locksmith in Bronx, you will be able to choose the right one for you.

This contrasts with national call centers dealing with locksmithing services. These call centers will often give the work to a random locksmith in the general area without conducting proper research beforehand. This will lead to potentially unreliable locksmiths coming to your house or business and doing a poor job.

Ask for Several Price Offers

The Bronx is a huge borough, with many different locksmiths to choose from. While this often means good news since you have many different handymen to select from your local area, it’s also not easy to know which one truly be trusted. That’s why you should always get several price offers when trying to pick the right locksmith.

You should try to receive at least 3 price offers for your job from different locksmiths. Not only does this help save costs by helping you find the cheapest one, but it also provides you with a first impression of the person doing the job. This can help you determine which of the 3 could perform a better job, while also saving money in the process.

Make Sure the Locksmith Has the Right Approvals

For a job to be performed well, the person performing it should be at least qualified and experienced enough to do it. This qualification is a minimum requirement for any type of professional handyman. For you, the customer, it’s a guarantee that the person you’re discussing the jobs with is at least somewhat capable of doing it.

However, a qualification exam is not enough for the locksmith to be considered truly legitimate. They also need to be properly insured for any type of job they complete. An insured locksmith is a sign that the handyman you’re talking to is a serious one and not someone who’s conducting a side – job.

Avoid Suspiciously Low Prices

We all have our fair share of expenses to bear in life. Food, rent, bills, and all kinds of different taxes can take their toll on our revenue. Understandably, we will, consequently, attempt to receive the best prices we can get for any sort of professional job we might need. However, we must not let it blind us.

Any locksmith in the Bronx area who might attempt to offer very low prices (in comparison with the others) will need to send a red flag to our eyes. This low price might be a deception. This low price could indicate a base price. Further tolls and fees might be demanded for any sort of additional work that needs to be carried out.

This is a common tactic employed by many conmen, so do not fall for its allure.

Find Recommendations and Word of Mouth Opinions

By far the best way to find a service is through word of mouth and recommendations. The knowledge of the people is often the best indication of a handyman’s reliability and professionalism.

While you won’t always find a person you know who can recommend a locksmith, you will always find recommendations and reviews online on any respectable service provider. Good reviews can often be a good indication of the locksmith’s capabilities and trustworthiness. Use this to your advantage.


While it may seem like finding a trustworthy locksmith is a daunting task, one must simply follow the aforementioned guidelines to do it. Do your research beforehand, avoid shady offers, and stay local with your locksmiths and you’ll find the right person for the job.


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