Sitting for long periods with a firearm and holster strapped to your body can be uncomfortable. Several factors contribute to this, including the size of your gun and holster, sitting position, and clothing. Concealed carry can be comfortable when you choose the right holster and accessories. Belly bands and support belts are two great options that can be worn with a standard inside waistband holster.


Belly band gun holsters are designed to keep your CCW secure and hidden. Unlike waist holsters that can ride low or shoulder rigs that move around with every step, belly bands are tightened snugly to the body for complete concealment. Concealed carry belly bands offer a versatile and discreet method for securely carrying firearms, wrapping around the abdomen to provide a comfortable and covered option for individuals with concealed carry permits.

They’re handy for people who want to stay armed but need the means to wear a traditional holster and belt. Whether wearing sweatpants to the gym, a velour jogging suit for exercise, or work uniform clothing like scrubs, the typical carry setup can be uncomfortable or impossible to wear in certain situations.

Belly band holsters can be worn low and rotated toward the back to hide behind your shirt, mid-section – where the band wraps comfortably over the stomach, or even higher, rotating it under your chest area or beneath your arm for easy accessibility. This positioning makes them one of the most discreet and comfortable concealed carry options.


Belly bands are long pieces of fabric (four to six inches wide) with built-in slots, a structured holster for your gun, pockets, or a pouch for accessories like keys, wallet, and more. They are usually secured with a velcro panel on each side of the belly band.

Belly band holsters can be worn above the waist section or inside your pants as an IWB holster. A belly band can be worn over various clothes, including joggers, shorts, and dresses.

When worn correctly, they offer excellent concealment and quick draw access for a firearm. However, the tightness of a belly band can cause a hotter and sweatier spot on the torso than average. Most people work out the perfect band tension over time. However, this can be a challenge for some people. Also, some women find that the fabric of a belly band can irritate their skin. This can lead to rashes, so choosing a quality belly band is essential.


Often recommended by physical therapists and prenatal care providers, a maternity support belt (or belly band) takes the pressure off the abdominal muscles and reduces motion around the sacroiliac joint. This helps alleviate lower back pain, vulvar varicosities, pelvic instability, and uterine prolapse.

A holster attached to the belly band allows for concealed sidearm carry. The holster is secured to the neoprene belly band with Velcro strips and a high retention strap to ensure your weapon. Most belly bands also have 3-4 panels along the end that you can remove to customize the fit.

Some women find the standard gun belt and holster uncomfortable or may have a physical condition, such as a hernia, that makes it untenable. Belly bands allow these people to stay armed while wearing sweatpants, jogging bottoms, scrubs, or any other clothing that prevents using a traditional belt and holster. This means you can remain armed even when going to the gym or running errands.


Belly band holsters are comfortable since they sit directly against the skin. They’re also flexible enough to accommodate any size of handgun. The elastic pocket expands to hold a revolver or pistol from subcompact to full-sized models. They can be worn at beltline height and paired with pants, skirts, tank tops, biking shorts, etc.

Unlike waist holsters that ride too low or shoulder rigs that can move around during physical activities, belly bands remain snug and secure throughout the day. This ensures that your CCW is easy to access when you need it.

Some belly band holsters even feature additional pockets for storing items like a knife, tourniquet, wallet, or cell phone. This makes them a convenient all-in-one solution that can be used as your primary concealer option. Most are also ambidextrous so that lefties can enjoy them as well. This makes them an excellent choice for women who must protect themselves during activities that may require quick-draw actions.


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