How much junk food do you eat every day? Be honest with yourself as you answer that question. Then think about how that junk food can affect the health of your heart. Most doctors would agree that your diet makes a major impact on your heart, so healthy eating is critical for your heart health. The following tips will get you started on your journey to better, heart-healthier food choices.

Ask for Advice

If you’re thinking, “Well that’s all well and good, but how do I even start?” then your first step may be to ask for advice from a professional. You could talk to your family doctor or a cardiologist like Ian Weisberg about the link between healthy eating and healthy hearts. They can give you a diet to follow, too.

You might also speak with a dietitian or with a person who has already made a major dietary change for the better. Don’t neglect to look for credible online sources, books, newsletters and periodicals either. They can give you plenty of tips to get you started.

Eliminate the Negative

The journey to healthy eating for a healthy heart will often be rather slow with a series of gradual changes over time. Your first major change, though, should be to eliminate the negative. This means dumping much of the junk food from your diet. You should decrease your intake of fatty, high-calorie snacks, for instance. Instead of eating regular potato chips, switch to the baked variety, and put a few in a bowl instead of eating right out of the bag.

Increase the Positive

As you eliminate the negative, you should increase your positive food choices. Opt, for instance, for a baked chicken breast with steamed vegetables instead of fried chicken and French fries when you go out to eat. Stock your refrigerator and cupboards with fresh fruit and other healthy snacks to tide you over when you get the munchies. Also, make an effort to cook heart-healthy meals from scratch at home more often to avoid the excess fat and salt in prepared foods or restaurant offerings.

Practice Moderation

Finally, remember the principle of moderation. Just because you’re focusing on a heart-healthy diet doesn’t mean you can’t have a treat now and then. In fact, it’ll be easier to stick to an overall diet if you allow yourself an occasional splurge. Simply limit portion sizes, and savor every treat.

Heart-Healthy Eating

So get started on the path to heart-healthy eating by asking for advice, eliminating the negative, increasing the positive and practicing moderation. Your heart will thank you!


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