The chain you choose for your neck will be a part of your everyday style, so it’s crucial to pick one that works well for you. Run it over your neck and see how it feels – does it catch the fabric of your shirt or snag in your hair?

Look at the Weight

The rope chain is a classic piece of jewellery that always goes in style. The twisted links give it a unique appearance, making it one of the most durable chains.

It is crucial to know whether it is hollow or solid when buying a rope chain. Hollow chains are less expensive than solid gold and contain fewer gold-containing pieces. However, solid chains are more robust and more durable.

One of the easiest ways to tell if a necklace is hollow is by looking at its weight. Real gold is heavier than other metals and has a balanced consistency. You can also test a piece by bouncing it in your hand or listening to its sound. If it sounds hollow and airy, it is likely fake. However, this isn’t a foolproof method, as some hollowed items can be genuine.

Nonetheless, it is an excellent place to start. Price is another good indicator. If a necklace is significantly cheaper than it should be, it is likely a fake.

Look at the Finish

rope chains
rope chain

Rope chains are available in both solid and hollow link versions. A solid chain consists of identical round or oval links interlinked, whereas the hollow version comprises tiny links resembling a twisted, rope-like design. Solid chains are also much thicker and more durable than hollow ones.

When deciding whether or not a gold rope chain is confirmed, you should also look at its finish. Genuine solid gold chains have a warm and rich golden colour. However, hollow chains have a silvery or greyish tone to them.

Real gold will also tarnish slightly when exposed to water and harsh chemicals. A genuine gold rope chain should also have a hallmark stamp on it. Usually, the karat weight and hallmark are stamped on the clasp (lobster or spring). But be wary of going by just this information alone. Some fakes can even have an authentic-looking jump ring or clasp.

Look at the Links

The rope chain is the most popular type of gold chain available and is loved by men and women alike. It’s a thin and dainty style that looks great with delicate pendant necklaces, and it also shines well due to its unique twisted appearance. This chain is versatile and suitable for any casual or formal occasion.

Unlike the curb chain, which consists of flat links that interlock with each other, the rope chain has c-shaped links that create a woven effect and resemble a rope. This chain is available in various lengths, with the shortest option being 14 inches, known as a collar necklace. The successive two lengths are 16 and 18 inches, called choker and princess styles, respectively.

Authentic rope chains usually have a lobster clasp, but some may come with a spring-loaded catch instead. The hallmark is a crucial indicator of authenticity, so you should always look for a mark on the clasp to ensure it’s genuine.

Look at the Price

The authenticity of a rope chain can be determined by its price. Solid gold chains are more durable and expensive than hollow ones. So, if you see one for a meagre price, be suspicious; it’s likely fake.

Another way to tell if your chain is solid or hollow is by checking for a hallmark on the clasp. Genuine gold chains should have a hallmark, while plated pieces don’t necessarily need one.

If you need clarification on whether a rope chain is authentic, bringing it to an experienced jeweller for evaluation is always best. Based on current market prices, a professional can tell you what karat is and what it is worth. It is conducive if you consider selling the chain at a pawn shop.


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