Thousands of escape rooms are opening all over the world, as these games are attracting many people. Escape games are proving to be a fun activity that brings people together. But what other reasons make these recreational games so attractive? Let’s look at some examples!

Not your average dating site

Most couples are looking for something really special to make their date a lasting experience. If you’re bored of the cinema and dinner out, choose a getaway game for the weekend. You’ll be in a whole new situation where teamwork and effective communication are essential. The excitement of the escape room is guaranteed to be a memorable and fun experience for couples. You can’t miss the escape room crawl!

Escape from the drab everyday life

Stress at work and at home can catch up with everyone, and escape room games can help you overcome it. You’ll need to focus on the tasks at hand and you’re guaranteed to be captivated by the room’s theme. Spending time with your friends, family and colleagues will relieve stress. Switching off and distracting yourself will make you feel better, and a game of get-out-and-go will do a lot to help.

Strengthens the mind

In today’s world, it’s easy to get physically overwhelmed thanks to the wonders of technology, but this is just as true for our minds. Escape room games force us to use our logic and cognitive thinking to get out of the room. Solving a puzzle in time helps to rewire the brain and refresh the mind. Detective tasks and strategic, scientific games all help to strengthen the mind.

Make new friends

Companies are increasingly focusing on organizing team-building sessions where employees can get to know each other better. And this has been shown to have a positive impact on working together. In the breakout room, you have the opportunity to think together and assess each other’s skills towards a common goal. Playing together creates such a good atmosphere that friendships can be formed.

It transports you to different worlds

Escape room games are always based on a theme and their primary aim is to entertain players. The heightened state of mind is the result of playing in a carefully designed environment, complete with special furniture and sound effects. In these rooms, you can experience unusual experiences and find yourself in exciting situations.

There are many escape rooms to choose from, but only a few can surpass our wildest imagination. PanIQ Room Stockholm offers a wide variety of themed escape rooms for brave players. Talk your friends into thinking it’s time to try something new. You can find a description of the rooms here:


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