A cozy living room invites people to sit, relax, and unwind. However, excess clutter can quickly undermine tranquil feelings. Finding a balance between inviting and overwhelming is the key to creating a cozy yet uncluttered living room space.

1. Embrace Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-century furniture offers a big design impact for smaller spaces. Clean lines and a focus on function mean that even statement pieces like green velvet sofas can comfortably fit into a small living room without overwhelming their surroundings.

2. Maximize Space With a Sectional

If your room is small enough that a sofa and loveseat would feel too much, but you still want extra seating, consider working a sectional into the space. This allows you to comfortably seat a few extra people without bringing in a whole extra piece of furniture.

3. Mix Up Fabric Selection

The materials you choose for your furniture speak volumes. You’ll want to consider everything from the color of the fabric to how it feels when choosing upholstery for your living room.

A new or unique fabric can completely transform the feel of a room. For example, deep green velvet couches make a completely different statement than tan leather sofas. This fact makes it easy to change a room’s appearance by swapping out a single piece of furniture.

4. Choose Coordinating Pieces

While you certainly want to focus on the main pieces of furniture in your living room, you don’t want to forget about coordinating pieces. With careful selection, these can really bring your design concepts together and make the room feel well put together.

  • Ottomans can serve as footrests, tables, and storage, which is especially helpful in reducing clutter.
  • Side chairs provide extra seating in the living room and beyond without taking up a huge amount of space.
  • Tables and shelves serve as excellent places to keep collections and books organized and within reach.
  • Artwork or mirrors on the walls can brighten the space and help set an inviting mood.
  • Rugs should be sized appropriately to match the furniture without dwarfing it.
  • Window treatments help set the mood in a living room. Installing hardware high on the wall can help create the illusion of more space to help open up a smaller room.

5. Add Layers to Create Depth

You may eschew blankets, pillows, or other decorations in an attempt to avoid clutter. Doing so undoubtedly creates clean lines, but it also removes some of the warmth from a room. As a result instead of feeling neat and inviting, your living room may veer towards sterility.

Avoid this unwanted consequence by adding depth with layers and different textures. For example, cream blankets draped over the backs of green velvet couches lighten the space and offer a cozy retreat to curl up with a favorite book. Fabric pillows, textured rugs, and grouped photos on a side table can all help enhance a room without feeling cluttered.

Find Your New Living Room Furniture at Poly & Bark

Finding the right furniture pieces for your environment can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Always consider the 5 tips above when purchasing furniture to guide your purchasing process.



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